Friday, 28 May 2004

The Birds & the Bugs

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I think I've already established my credentials as a man of the birds. Indeed Bob Eh from next door calls me the Bird Man of *Our Street*. I've spent more time this week waving my arms in the window to scare away the bullyboy magpies and jackdaws, so the littl'uns can get their grub, than I have coughing, and that's saying something.

It'll come as no surprise, then, to find me poking around in the RSPB website. And what do I find? An exciting new count they want us to carry out. We have to count bugs! Hurrah! This will show how available this valuable food source is to the feathered folk.

Not just any old bugs, however, but bugs that end up splattered on the number plates of our cars after each journey.

The count lasts from 1 -30 June and there's an online form to record your splatterings. Even better, you can get a downloadable 'Splatometer' - a grid to help you count the insects!!

And I don't drive! I don't have a CAR!

Do you suppose I could just hold a card in front of me and run Very Fast Indeed for a while, then count the splattered insects on my card?

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