Tuesday, 4 May 2004

Europe Enlargement Marmite Shock Horror

I spent Sunday at Tynemouth, staying at Patsy123's new gaff. I figured being at the coast was the place to be because I'd be able to spot the hordes of New Europeans coming in by barge, surfboard and rubber ring. But no, not a sign of them. Eschewing the fascist rags as usual, I opted for The Observer, which reported that the expected tide Had Not Happened. We have not been Swamped by Foreigners. The paper recorded the arrival of a coal miner from the Czech Republic who had found a job in a factory outside London. He said he loved England because "...English love traditions. They like pets, Marmite, whisky, beer and football." Is this what the tabloid scaremongers would have us worry about? Come on! He's gonna fit right in. I'd certainly rather have a Marmite-loving Czech in Britain than Rupert Fucking Murdoch.

During the continuing sunshine, there was a brief shower of rain and as we looked down on King Edward's Bay from the window of the flat, we could see a rainbow. We were looking down on a rainbow! For a short moment all seemed right with the world.

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