Tuesday, 4 May 2004

Picture This

Bit of a disastrous day in terms of getting things done. I had intended to go to Leeds today with my pictures for the gallery's Spring Collection, but that all began to fall apart. Ever since Mrs Zip went off with the car (well, OK, it was hers and I can't drive), I've been reliant on the good offices of Buddies & Associates to move pictures about. Unfortunately, the Frootbat has a Photoshop workshop to go to, Mo's off to visit her sister and Will Barrow has had his licence suspended as a result of his newly-acquired diabetes. Which left the train, and I simply didn't get myself organised enough to follow through on that. Bugger.

So everything gets rescheduled. I'll take the pictures to Leeds on the train on Thursday, but now I won't take the Millennium Bridge (Raised) as it's too big to handle along with the five others. Luckily, Patsy123 emailed me yesterday to say she wants to buy Millennium Bridge (Raised) so under no circumstances should I take it to Leeds, and if I do, she hopes it doesn't sell.

As for today, I've knocked out of its frame The Burning Bush and put it back on the easel. I've always liked that picture, but it needed more work. Today it's getting it.

Other than that, it's an expedition Up the Hill to buy muesli, bread and fruit. Gotta live.

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